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Wild goose walk up Wardlaw

Take a wander up Wardlaw for a gander! WWT Caerlaverock staff are joining SNH to lead a walk up Wardlaw Hill to see the dusk flight of the pink-footed geese and barnacle geese. Meeting place is Caerlaverock Castle car park. Due to the terrain involved, this event is...

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Progress for Pollinators hailed.

Considerable progress was made to help bees, butterflies and other pollinators thrive across Scotland in 2019, a new report shows. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has published details of work being carried out by the organisation and more than 30 partners towards...

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Need a Fly Killer??

  With it's stainless steel body and aluminium front, the Mercury is a great option for front or rear housing installs. Featuring a unique side access glueboard and easily accessible tubes, this machine is by far the quickest to service. • Durable stainless steel...

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PestAware: Tips for attracting red squirrels

  Red squirrels are native to the UK but, sadly, their numbers have been in decline since the early 20th century. Here, Millbry Hill's Kathryn Eccles gives her top tips for encouraging more red squirrels into your garden.   It's now estimated that there are...

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Rat in Your Kitchen

This was a short clip taken by a customer from her security camera , she initially thought she had mice. Turns out the whole terrace row had the same issue, a treatment was put in place and the job was completed, one Happy Customer. Click on the link to view....

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Pest advice for controlling Mice

Can you hear the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps behind the skirting? Does Tom keep bringing Jerry in from the garden? Mice are a part of British wildlife - but when they take up residence with you, they can be a cause for concern. Active all year round, mice are one...

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